What was education like in medieval times?

Answer The majority of people in medieval times were illiterate; only the wealthy and powerful had access to education. Academic instruction was for the most part considered unnecessary for women in any s... Read More »

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What was church like in the medieval times?

During the medieval times, the church played a central part in every person's life. This was due to the belief system, the powers the church had and the limited knowledge of most people.Heaven and ... Read More »

How to Braid Hair Like the Medieval Times?

Medieval and Renaissance fashions in hairstyles and clothing are romanticized today. Events such as Renaissance fairs, and Medieval Manor dinners allow enthusiasts to dress up in period-style costu... Read More »

What did a king do in the medieval times?

During the Middle Ages, after the collapse of the Roman Empire, kings exercised absolute rule over the lands they controlled. Kings collected taxes, led armies and oversaw the medieval system of la... Read More »

What was a vassal in medieval times?

A vassal was a person, typically a man, who swears fealty, or loyalty, to a lord in exchange for land. Vassals were an intricate part of the medieval feudal system. Vassals were land owners and rul... Read More »