What was ebay's original name&the first item auctioned?

Answer EBay's original name was Auction Web. The company was founded in San Jose, California in 1995. The first item sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer. The damaged item sold for $14.83.Source:All Bu... Read More »

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What was eBay's original name& first item for auction?

The original name for online auction site eBay was AuctionWeb. According to eBay's corporate history, the site was created over Labor Day weekend in 1995. The first item put up for auction was a br... Read More »

How long until a house is auctioned if a notice of default was sent to the homeowner?

Foreclosures are governed by the laws of the state and vary by location. After the third consecutive missed payment the lender will send a demand notice requiring that the delinquent amount be brou... Read More »

I ordered a item from Spencers and choose fedex smartpost and i went online and tracked my item and it said it?

Fedex gives many packages for residential customers to deliver. Your mailman should deliver it. First, go on the USPS tracking site, and enter your number. It may not have gone out yet. If it s... Read More »

Your house is burning. You only have time to take one item of clothing, one food item and anything else.?

i would take a dress, my bag (which has makeup, all of my pics, etc...) and cheerios .!