What was daily life like in colonial New Hampshire?

Answer New Hampshire was one of the original 13 colonies. It is an area of immense physical beauty. Those who visit New Hampshire today can still see some of its colonial roots.HistoryAccording to the web... Read More »

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Colonial America Ways of Life?

Colonial America was a very different place than the America we know today. People lived a much more precarious existence and were forced to do things that today many of us would find impossible. ... Read More »

Resources for Teaching Colonial Life in America?

The Colonial period of American history began in the early 1600s and lasted until 1776. The colonists came to America for a variety of reasons, from the desire for religious freedom to the desire f... Read More »

Colonial Life and Elementary Student Projects?

When you're teaching Colonial history to students who never have known a world without computers, cell phones, HDTV and the Internet, it may seem difficult to make a bygone era come to life. With a... Read More »

Facts for Kids About Life in Colonial Times?

Permanent European settlements began to appear in America in the early 1700s, although San Augustine was founded in 1565. The English, for example, established their first colony at Jamestown, Virg... Read More »