What was considered a jumbo mortgage in 2009?

Answer The financing limits on jumbo mortgages declined in 2009 from 2008 levels. Limits vary from area to area. For example, San Francisco, California, had a threshold of $625,500 while many lower priced... Read More »

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What is considered a jumbo mortgage loan?

There are several types of mortgages available to consumers, with 30- and 15-year fixed rate mortgages and five-year adjustable rate mortgages the most common. One type of uncommon loan is the jumb... Read More »

How much is a jumbo mortgage?

A jumbo mortgage is any mortgage loan or debt that exceeds the conventional loan limit size of $417,000. In Alaska, Guam, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands, that limit is anything above $625,500.Source... Read More »

What is a jumbo mortgage loan?

A jumbo mortgage loan is a mortgage that exceeds the limit set by Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae is a government organization that guarantees mortgages.SizeThe conforming loan limit is adjusted each year b... Read More »

What constitutes a jumbo mortgage?

A mortgage is a loan used to purchase or construct your home. A jumbo mortgage is a home loan that exceeds the conforming loan limits set by Fannie Mae.Conforming Loan LimitsThe conforming loan lim... Read More »