What was community life like in the colonies?

Answer The years 1607 through 1763 are generally referred to as the Colonial Period in the United States. Not until three years after, in 1766, was there even a regular line of stagecoaches between New Yo... Read More »

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What was life like for women in the colonies?

Life was not easy for anyone in colonial America, and women were no exception. Having left Europe for the "New World" colonists found themselves in an untamed land with few amenities. The early col... Read More »

What is city life and rural life like in Switzerland?

Rural life and city life can often intertwine, so be sure to mention that unlike the US, it's not one or the other.Many large resort villages have cow pastures, where the non-tourism based locals f... Read More »

Do you ever imagine what your contacts/fans look like/are like in real life?

real pictures uphowever, hairs back to black and put my piercings back in.hmm lets seeBorn May 28th 1991I'm really short, people think im tall and their first comment always is 'wow you're shorter ... Read More »

Is there such thing as Better Life the game like on Suite Life on Deck?

The game Better Life is only played on the TV Show Suite Life On Deck and is not a real game to buy. However, there are similar games in which children can play in virtual worlds such as Webkinz a... Read More »