What was church like in the medieval times?

Answer During the medieval times, the church played a central part in every person's life. This was due to the belief system, the powers the church had and the limited knowledge of most people.Heaven and ... Read More »

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What was a pardoner in the medieval church?

In medieval times, a pardoner was a man appointed by the Catholic Church who sold indulgences or pardons for sins to people who purchased them believing that doing so would allow them to reduce the... Read More »

Who was in charge of the church during the medieval era?

In Europe, from the fifth century to the 15th century was known as the Middle Ages. During this period of time, the church was ruled by the Pope. The church even ruled over the kings and queens.Ref... Read More »

Degrees in Medieval Church History?

Many colleges and universities offer degree programs in medieval studies with concentrations in medieval church history. Any complete study of medieval history necessarily requires examination of t... Read More »

What is the oldest medieval church still standing?

The oldest church built during the Middle Ages still standing, whose date of construction can be verified, is San Juan de Baños (St. John the Baptist) Basilica in Baños de Cerrato, Palencia, Spai... Read More »