What was childbirth like between 1500-1750?

Answer I don't have any facts, but from movies I've watched and what not, I don't think they had any method of numbing, aside from maybe herbal stuff...maybe. So I think that they just had to deal with th... Read More »

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What Were Some Inventions Between 1750-1900?

The Industrial Revolution began around 1750 when technology and economic progress became the focus of improvement around the world. The Industrial Revolution merged into the second Industrial Revol... Read More »

What the difference between the GMC 1500 and the Chevy 1500?

Chevy and GMC are car lines manufactured by General Motors. GMC specializes in trucks, while Chevy builds cars and trucks. In most important ways, the two vehicle lines are essentially offering min... Read More »

What jobs did the children have in the 1750 - 1900?

What year was Kenmore sewing machine model 1750 manufactured?

My husband bought mine brand new for part of my wedding gift in 1969. So, 1969 is my answer.