What was a kids TV series in the early 90s where kids were traveling though space and one of the girls was imaginary but after the ship exploded it turns out she wasn't?

Answer July 14, 1986

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What was a kids tv series early 90s where kids could teleport to a spacecraft you think it was in the sea?

The correct answer is "The Tomorrow People." Which ran from 1992 to 1995 I think on Nickelodeon. It featured kids who could teleport and were always being chased around and they had a spaceship und... Read More »

What is the name of tv series with boy in coma which is in his imaginary world hes traveling there its American I think?

I have just remembered this program and was tryin to think of the name of the show, i think it's called the odysey.

A he-man like kids show from the late 80 or early 90 which featured a lizard or something that turns a guys family to stone and now he seeks revenge and a cure so his parents can live again?

What was a kids tv series early 90s they were told like stories aired on a Sunday one particular one I remember was about a girl who turned into a hedgehog at midnight?