What was a children fantasy 90s TV series in featuring a lost and forbidden city fantasy setting with magic in which present day people end up after a plane or chopper crash?

Answer Land of the Lost dealt with a lost ( disoriented) party of explorers (and some kids) my guess somewhere in California"s death valley-though this was never stated, Just how they got lost was not exp... Read More »

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In the TV Series Lost how does the plane crash?

Desmond failed to push the button in the Swan on time, and the plane's controls couldn't function properly because of the electromagnetic energy. But whydid the mid-air breakup happen, I don't know.

Old UK fantasy children's tv series with a frogman?

Could you be thinking of Stingray? It was a kind of puppet show in the 1960's before Thunderbirds and made by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson. Troy Tempest was the submarine Captain with his sidekick 'ph... Read More »

Does ESPN Fantasy sponsor Fantasy Football Leagues?

ESPN Fantasy does not sponsor Fantasy Football Leagues but does offer a convenient place to check in and keep track of wins and losses for your teams.

How do you edit draft setting on ESPN fantasy baseball?

You can only do this before the draft. First 'log in' and then, if you are commissioner then you will be allowed to edit league settings. Change your draft-type and you will be done. NOTE: In the n... Read More »