What was Webkinz World's first pet of the month?

Answer Webkinz World's first pet of the month was the Webkinz Frog in October 2007. Webkinz pet-of-the-month spotlights one of the plush pets. The pet of the month is announced on the first day of every m... Read More »

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How to Get a Webkinz Pet of the Month Item?

Webkinz is an online virtual pet game, which you can join by purchasing a Webkinz stuffed toy at various stores. The Pet of the Month , (if adopted in the month), can enable you to have special gam... Read More »

What is the worlds first musical instrument?

How do you make a webkinz studio in webkinz world?

The Webkinz Studio is available in the Toys & Books section of the W-Shop. To use it, first put it into your room. Then click on it and your pet will walk over and being playing with it. To start m... Read More »

Is it normal for a four-month-old baby's first tooth to be the first molar?

AnswerAll babys are different and they all get different teeth at different times. Although I have never heard of a baby getting a molar for there first tooth I wouldn't worry about it. Sometimes r... Read More »