What was Thomas Jefferson's Foreign Policy?

Answer During Jefferson's time in office, France declared war on Europe while Britain declared war on France. Having all of this war, the amount of trade was lowering which caused oppression on the United... Read More »

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What was jeffersons foreign policy?

This question needs to be found somewhere else.This website is not true.All thou some questions will be answered correctly that does not mean that they are all correct!!!!!This question needs to be... Read More »

Thomas jefferson foreign policy?

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How did the US foreign policy change in the 1930's compared to the US foreign policy after World War 1?

How did US foreign policy change in the age of Imperialism from early US foreign policy?

The United States and Iran had a very antagonistic relationship in 1980, and therefore the United States want to inflict a serious blow to Iran. Therefore the American leadership helped Saddam Huss... Read More »