With the death of Ronnie James Dio reminding us of our mortality, which musician...?

Answer Grace SlickNo one has flown higher, and she is still alive and vibrant, doing her art, now 70 years old. I hope she has many years left.

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Is Archie Mitchell going to return to Eastenders as a ghost to haunt Ronnie I read in the Soaplife magazing that a ghost from past comes back to haunt Ronnie?

No he isn't. This is just a phrase used to describe that something from the past is going to come back to "haunt" someone - i.e. cause them turmoil. In this case, they are revisiting the revelation... Read More »

When was Ojo de Dios invented?

According to, "Ojo de Dios" is the Spanish translation for "eye of God." The symbol was developed by the Huichol Indians, who live in the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico. Al... Read More »

What is the origin of ojos de dios?

Ojos de dios is Spanish for "eye of God." The Spaniards discovered these colorful symbols in Mexico, where they were made by the native Huichol Indians who lived in the Sierra Madre Mountains.Sourc... Read More »

What was the ending to the episode Vaya con Dios of Law and Order?

There's not suppose to be an ending to that episode. It just ends on the judge's clerk giving them the descision slip. Draw your own inferences.