What was Popeye the Sailor Man's famous saying?

Answer Popeye the Sailor Man's famous saying is "I yam what I yam." He is also famous for saying "That's all I can stands, I can't stands no more," according to John Quinlan in a November 2009 article for... Read More »

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Popeye the Sailor mans nephews names?

I believe you are thinking of Hughie, Dewey and Louis of Donald Duck. strictly speaking, and I don"t know how this got past the censors, Popeye the Sailor is not married. Olive Oil is his girl frie... Read More »

What was the Military Rank of Popeye the Sailor?

Popeye the Sailor Man came into existence under the Thimble Theater Cartoon Strip in 1919. This was right after World War I. So his uniform was modeled from that era. In 1894 the rank of chief pett... Read More »

Who first used the phrase a rich mans war and a poor mans fight to describe the civil war?

The same as any other 4 star in any other branch. The salary depends on the general's years of service. Excluding taxes and special pay (such as whether or not the general is in a hazardous area or... Read More »

Is there a Sailor Venus in the series Sailor Moon?

Yes, her name is Mina in the English version and Minako in Japanese. She used to be Sailor V (from Serena/Usagi's comic books) and somehow became Sailor Venus. She wears an orange and white sailor ... Read More »