Who owns Michael Jordans estate?

Answer Michael Jordan is well alive. You mean Michael Jackson the singer not Michael Jordan the basketball star. Anyway, the answer is his sister Janet.

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What website can you buy cheap jordans,even fake jordans?

If you looking for real jordans, then you can go any major shoe store's website and buy them there. For example, you can go to footlocker, nike, eastbay, sheik websites and they sell them there. If... Read More »

What basketball teams did Michael Jordan play on?

Michael Jordan played college basketball at the University of North Carolina. He spent most of his NBA career with the Chicago Bulls but played his last two seasons with the Washington Wizards.Sour... Read More »

What year did Michael Jordan start playing basketball?

Although he learned to play the game as a child, Michael Jordan began playing for the University of North Carolina Tar Heels in 1981. The Chicago Bulls drafted Jordan in the 1984 NBA draft after hi... Read More »

How did Michael Jordan change basketball?

Many people consider Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player of all time, though there are other players with equally impressive stats and records. The changes he wrought are more subtle than... Read More »