Why did band-aids leave a burn looking mark on me?

Answer You should not leave any type of adhesive tape, band-aide on your skin for to long or your skin will start to irritate. I work at a hospital and I see this type of thing to often. It could also be ... Read More »

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How to Mark Time or March in Place in a Marching Band?

Marking timeSo you're in skull and the drum major starts waving his hands. Everybody else starts moving their feet--except you. Then, a field staff yells at you for not marking time.Marking time is... Read More »

What is the mark over a long vowel called?

A straight line over a vowel, indicating a long sound, is called a macron. Diacritical marks such as the macron are usually only taught in connection with vowels. The short vowel symbol, a curved l... Read More »

What is the metal band on a pencil called?

The metal band on a pencil is called a ferrule. The ferrule attaches a pencil to its eraser. The application of the eraser and the ferrule is the final stage in pencil manufacturing and is accompli... Read More »

Have you ever heard of a band called queen?