What was John's Sullivan job at the BBC when he submitted his first comedy script?

Answer Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent), Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks (1983

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How to Write a Comedy-Drama Movie Script?

A movie script is a document that creates every sound, behavior, and narrated and visual element in a film. Screenwriting is not just a creative way to write movie scripts for films. It is also us... Read More »

What is the music used in the comedy central evening comedy commercial?

I am trying to find out too? Is it the big beat tune with the rock style singing? I'm in the same boat, I'm getting obsessed with this song. I thing the lyrics goes like that : "something is not... Read More »

What is the theme song for comedy network's comedy now?

I believe i have the answer to your question. I will answer it now. I believe it is most likely the song appropliatley named "The Best Days of Your Life" - Kellie Pickler. Listen to it on Youtube f... Read More »

How many applications should be submitted for a job?

On One Hand: Once Is EnoughSubmitting one application should suffice for most normal circumstances. Most employers, when they are looking for a new employee, go through old resumes and applications... Read More »