What is the origin of the name Jesus?

Answer The name "Jesus" can be traced back to the ancient Aramaic language. The original name, Yeshu'a, was a contraction of the Aramaic name Yehoshu'a. The Greeks adapted this name into "Iesous," and "Je... Read More »

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What middle name goes good with the first name 'Lucky'?

Diamond for a boy Ruby for a girlI would love to meet THAT kid :D

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What was a name of an old science fiction show that Jesus like man was in?

There were a number of movies and novels that seem to fit your loose paradigm. The actor Michael Rennie seemed to specialize in Sardonic, borderline weird personalities such as ( The Keeper) in I b... Read More »

When did the name Jesus first appear in Bibles?

The name Jesus first appeared in translations of the Bible in 1629. The original name is of Jesus is Greek in origin and is Iesous. The spelling changed throughout the many translations, until the ... Read More »