What did you think or do when you first heard the news about Michael Jacksons death?

Answer I was cooking myself a hot dog, then my brother told me, and i was like dam. I am still in shock!

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What do you thing about character Helen burns in Jane Eyre?

Helen Burns in the novel Jane Eyre is a good friend for Jane, on example of this would be when Jane is forced to stand in the middle of the room as punishment for being a liar, Helen comforts Jane ... Read More »

What is the last song on CSI Miami episode Dishonor?

What does death before dishonor mean?

"Death Before Dishonor" is a military saying that has been used since Roman times. The slogan is often seen on military tattoos written on a scroll that winds around a dagger. It means that death i... Read More »

What can you learn about imperialism a century ago what lessrons can you apply to US foreign policy?

Depends. The neocons, who believe in aggression and imperialism are thankfully a dying breed, so I'd go with a majority believing in diplomacy and interdependence (the 2008 election backs this up).