Facts of life tv show who was the woman who took care of the girls on the facts of life?

Answer Edna/Mrs. Garrett. Oodles Answer

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Is George Lopez Dyslexic in real life or just in the tv show George Lopez?

it is said that he is in reallife and he put it in the show as well

What are the characters of cia in real life?

the working condidtions are you have to be alert all the time.

What happens when all the nightmares from her bookish characters come alive in real life?

It is one of the probable scenarios. However, it is not yet investigated or confirmed.

Is it the blu-ray movie or the TV that makes the characters move life like which at first can seem fake?

Contrary to the previous poster...if you do not have an WILL NOT get any advantage in Blu-ray. IT WILL LOOK IDENTICAL TO DVD!! IF you have a normal tv, the blu-ray player will actually d... Read More »