What was Dean Rusk known for?

Answer According to the New Georgia Encyclopedia, Dean Rusk, who was Secretary of State under President Kennedy, was a proponent of the Vietnam War, advocating its escalation. This caused him to become we... Read More »

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What is rusk?

Rusk is a twice-cooked or thoroughly-browned baked product that has proven popular around the world, even with teething babies, in the form of hard biscuits, crunchy breads or toast.DefinitionOChef... Read More »

What is a rusk biscuit?

Many countries have a traditional dry cookie recipe. Rusks, often eaten in South Africa and England, are similar to Italian biscotti, German zwieback and Swedish skorpor.CharacteristicsRusks are re... Read More »

What is rusk flour?

Rusk flour is made by grinding rusk biscuits into a powder for culinary use. Also referred to as zwieback, rusk biscuits are miniature, twice-baked servings of yeast bread.UsesSince rusk flour is e... Read More »

How to Use Elimin8 by Rusk?

Many people have experienced a time when dying their hair did not turn out how it was planned. Removing the color is possible with Rusk Elimin8, which is an effective color corrector. It works as a... Read More »