What was the latest movie you watched.?

Answer Arctic Predator. pretty cool movie.!

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Oprah Winfrey latest movie there were a character name precious?

Because she felt like it has been going on for quite a while and it's kinda like retiring. There really is not a reason.

What is wrong if a Painkiller game shows the error 'directX file missing' when you try to run it but you have the latest directX 9c and the latest PC with 1 GB RAM and a 128mb video card?

Reasons: 1. Your operating system isn't meet the requirements. Windows 95 and NT are not supported. 2. Your DirectX files is missing and corrupt. Solutions: 1. Redownload the DirectX 9.0c and i... Read More »

In the book treasure island what is the cooks name?

What is the normal weight for a great dane?

Adult male Great Danes typically reach a height of 30 to 34 inches and a weight of 120 to 200 pounds. Full grown female Great Danes reach an average height of 28 to 32 inches and a weight of 100 to... Read More »