What was Cable tv like in the 1990s?

Answer You did require a decoder box, just like you do today.Most of the stations that were cable only, were completely commercial-free, which was awesome. Channel outages and audio/video issues were muc... Read More »

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What is the name of a 1990s cartoon girl younger skinny red frizzy hair oversize coat hat with a flower I remember she was kind of like Maxine but maybe ten years old?

What does a dv cable look like?

A DV or FireWire cable looks like a cable of varying length with a 4-pin plug at one end for connecting to devices such as camcorders, external hard drives and such, and a 6-pin plug at the other e... Read More »

What did people spend in the 1990s?

It was won by David Cook, second was David Archuleta and third was Syesha Mercado.

What were the nightclubs in Tampa in the 1990s?