What was the first film on DVD?

Answer "Twister," a film about a team of meteorologists chasing tornadoes in the American Midwest, was the first film to be released in DVD format. It was released on DVD March 26, 1997. Coincidentally, i... Read More »

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First film camera I need help (NIKON F55 FILM CAMERA)?

1) This film may be salvageable as the exposed film is wound into the cassette, but you don't know how long it's been in there - keep an eye out the next time you go shopping. While any 35mm film ... Read More »

What was the first film to be shown on BBC?

What was the first film you ever saw in the cinema?

I can't remember. my parents had a theater when I was young, so I saw a lot of them! but I do remember seeing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original) several times!!

What was the first film released on blue ray?

No, a blu ray disc needs a special laser within the player to read the information.