What novel begins with Marley was dead to begin with?

Answer A Christmas Carol.

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Are military dog tags buried with the person?

Military dog tags are issued in pairs for identification purposes. One tag is removed from the deceased to officially record his death, and the other tag is left with the body. If the soldier is bu... Read More »

Can you be buried with money in your casket?

While not publicized (to prevent people from digging up graves) one can be buried with money in a casket. It may be wiser to put the money in a bank account, write a check for the amount and be bur... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name marley?

The name Marley, used as both a boy’s and a girl’s name, traditionally comes from an Old English locational surname meaning “pleasant wood.” In modern times, the name might be given in hono... Read More »

What did Marley tell Scrooge?

Marley told Scrooge that everytime Scrooge did something bad, a chain would appear. Marley had lots of chains, and he told Scrooge that he would have more if he didn't change. Marley also told Scro... Read More »