What was Alfred Nobel's most famous invention?

Answer Alfred Nobel is best known for his invention of dynamite. Nobel spent years experimenting with nitroglycerin before creating a safe explosive in 1867. He was actually banned from experimenting in S... Read More »

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What invention did Alfred Nobel create?

Although Alfred Nobel (1883-1896) is best known for his work in explosives--including dynamite (which made nitroglycerin safe to use), a practical detonator, blasting caps (an improved detonator), ... Read More »

What is Guglielmo's most famous invention?

Italian born Guglielmo Marconi (1874-1937) is famous for inventing wireless communication. At 20, he successfully experimented with radio waves to transmit dot-dash signals similar to the telegrap... Read More »

What was george westinghouse's most famous invention?

George Westinghouse (1846-1914) invented the first air brake in 1869. Use of the air brake made braking safer, allowing trains to travel at faster speeds. Westinghouse then improved his invention, ... Read More »

What invention is robbert goddard famous for?

Dr. Robert Goddard, a physicist, became famous for his contributions to rocket science. Goddard received patents for liquid-fuel-powered and solid-fuel-powered rockets in 1914 and then developed te... Read More »