What was AXL ROSE know as?

Answer William Bruce Rose Jr.

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What parts does the rose use to make rose perfume?

What is the difference between a grandiflora rose and a hybrid tea rose?

A hybrid tea is a more modern version of the grandiflora.

Does anyone know of a way to "clone" a rose bush?

If you mean reproduce the same rose bush, you only need to take cuttings.If you buy a powder called "root hormone" in any gardening centre/shop, it will stimulate the forming of roots on your cutti... Read More »

Anyone know how to loosen the tention of the strings on a floyd rose setup?

The strings don't get softer/looser over time. If anything, they get stiffer when they get old and worn. The only way to reduce tension on strings is to tune down or use a lighter gauge (strings wi... Read More »