What "wallpaper" do you have on your computer?

Answer This one ...…I like it and would ask you not to rate this answer down as I'm only being honest, and I didn't criticise or rate down anyone else's choice.

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Can I wallpaper over wallpaper panels in mobile home if i use a wallpaper primer?

you can do this, but be aware that your wall paper will only be as good as the wall paper underneath it.I.E. if the original layer of wall paper stars to come loose from the wall because of old g... Read More »

What do you have as a wallpaper on your computer?

An image with nice use of colours. Try to keep the wallpaper simple that way its easier to read/use the icons on the desktop.Some really cool wallpapers can be found here: Read More »

How do I change my wallpaper on my computer?

[Vista and XP] Get a image, right click, save as background.[XP] Or, do on the desktop, right click properties, and under wallpaper.[Vista] Right click on the desktop, click personalize. Go to des... Read More »

How do I create computer wallpaper?

Designing WallpaperClick the "start" button, go to "programs," then "accessories," then click on "paint." Draw, paint, or type text until your wallpaper image is completed to your satisfaction. Cli... Read More »