What waives the elimination period in a disability policy?

Answer Death. There is sometimes a retroactive benefit that after you have satisfied the elimination period it starts paying back to day 1. 4lifeguild

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Regarding your disability insurance policy when do you get paid after your 90 day elimination period is satisfied?

It depends on the school. For some schools, spring break's not even in March.

What is the elimination period in short term disability?

The elimination period defines how quickly benefits begin after becoming disabled.

If you receive Disability Income from a Long Term Disability Insurance Policy can creditors garnish the monthly income from this policy?

The answer to your question is yes. If creditors can garnish your wages if you were working, then they can garnish the income you receive from your disability provider as well. The same procedures ... Read More »

Can you go from temporary disability to permanent disability without a waiting period?

Yes, essentially Short Term DI fills in the gap during the elimination period for LTDI