What volume developer comes with Revlon Color Silk?

Answer Revlon Color Silk brand hair dye comes with a bottle of 20 volume developer. The developer is ammonia free and contains less than 8 percent hydrogen peroxide. It's gentler on hair than ammonia-cont... Read More »

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How Long Should I Put 20 Volume Developer in My Hair?

Laminate floors are made from several different layers compressed together, including wood and plastic components that are designed to make the flooring cheap and easy to install. Laminate flooring... Read More »

How to Apply 20 Volume Creme Developer and Bleach to Lighten Red Hair Dye?

Typically, hair dye consists of two parts --- a creme developer and a color packet. The developer bonds with the pigments in the color packet, making the hair dye permanent. Developer is available ... Read More »

How to Choose the Right Color of Revlon Photo Ready Foundation?

If you've ever purchased makeup and tried it on the next morning only to find out it was the wrong shade, you know how important it is to accurately match a foundation color to your skin tone. Revl... Read More »

How to Mix Hair Color & Developer?

Mixing hair color and developer is a fairly straightforward process and takes only a minute to complete. Mixing is required to distribute the hair color all the way through the developer to provide... Read More »