What voltage usb cord do i need for my psp?

Answer With regards to voltage, all USB cords are the same: the USB standard calls for 5 volts and a maximum of 500 milliamps of current. Your PSP can be charged through USB after enabling USB Charge Mode... Read More »

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Is There a way to make a telephone cord or turn an ethernet cord to a telephone cord?

Phone cords are relatively cheap. Got to the dollar store and get one.

At what voltage is the sign high voltage required?

According to the published standard 1926.405(b)(3)(ii) set by the Occupational Safety & Health Agency, if voltage for wiring or equipment is 600 volts or greater, you should put a prominent, perman... Read More »

If I unplug cable cord between wall & modem & switch to longer cord, will it mess anything up?

You should not have any problems. If you do reboot, both your modem and pc and it will fix all. Good luck

I need a longer cord for my DSL connection , from the wall to modem, is this just a basic phone cord?

Yes! all it is is a basic phone cord..