What vitamins help cure ADD/ ADHD?

Answer ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)OverviewADHD, also known as attention deficit disorder (ADD), depending on the level of hyperactivity exhibited, is one of the most controversial medi... Read More »

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Is there a cure for ADHD?

As of 2010, no known cure for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) exists, according to Kids Health. However, through medication and cognitive therapy, doctors can manage the symptoms of... Read More »

Vitamins That Help to Cure Acne?

Certain vitamins may help cure acne when they are added to the diet. The average person does not consume adequate quantities of all the essential vitamins she needs for her body to function properl... Read More »

Can skin absorb vitamins to cure a tumor?

Cancer has already been cured and is 100% preventable. Look up cannabis oil and vitamin c as cures and i think you will be very Surprised by what you find.

How to Cure Acne Naturally with Vitamins and Food?

Hormones, stress, diet and vitamin deficiencies can all cause acne. Eating the appropriate foods and vitamins promotes your overall body health. Good health enforces your body's natural defense mec... Read More »