What vitamins do you need and how much?

Answer Vitamins give us the energy we need, protect us from illness and improve our long term health. The United States Food and Drug Administration maintains a list of Referenced Daily Intake for vitamin... Read More »

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What vitamins am I missing out on and what should I do to get the vitamins I need?

I wasn't completely clear on what you meant about "not changing what you are doing right now" meant. I am assuming you mean to say that you don't want to have to eat any differently. If that is t... Read More »

What Vitamins Do I Need for Healthy Hair?

What is put in the body is important for hair that's free from dryness, brittleness and breakage. Drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced diet are other elements that help hair remain health... Read More »

What Vitamins & Minerals Do You Need for Healthy Human Hair?

While vitamins and minerals are important for general health, including hair, there is little evidence to show that taking vitamin supplements improves hair health. That being said, certain vitamin... Read More »

Poll: What kinda Vitamins do I need to build up my immune system?

A good hefty dosage of Vitamin Aldo-A keeps the doctor away