What vitamin or mineral causes insomnia?

Answer Both vitamins and minerals play an important part in providing the needed balance of chemicals within the human body to provide a more healthy and restful sleep.CalciumCalcium deficiencies in your ... Read More »

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Does vitamin D have a calming effect that may help with insomnia your experience?

it's logical. d helps thyroid function, and thyroid dysfunction is responsible for insomnia in many cases.

What are some vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies?

If the gluten in your diet contains whole wheat, rye, and/or barley and you replace the gluten with other whole grains, then the answer is none, no deficiencies. Gluten is not a required nutrient a... Read More »

Is potassium a mineral or vitamin?

Potassium is a mineral that is really important for heart function and skeletal and smooth muscle contraction.

Is depression caused by vitamin&mineral deficiencies?

On One Hand: Deficiencies Can Cause DepressionDeficiencies of B vitamins, potassium, vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin D and magnesium all appear to cause or worsen depression. Taking supplements or c... Read More »