What vitamin makes hair stronger?

Answer Vitamins B and C help hair grow, maintain hair color and lessen the chance of it splitting. Vitamin A can also keep your scalp healthy, which in turn affects your hair.Source:I Love India: Healthy ... Read More »

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What Vitamin Makes Hair Grow Faster?

Hair grows on average one centimeter a month. The nutrients you consume daily directly affect hair growth. Eating a balanced diet full of lean meats, fruits and vegetables will positively affect y... Read More »

What Vitamin Would Help Make Nails Stronger & Not Split?

Nails that split and crack are annoying and unattractive. There is no single formula to prevent nails from splitting. The key to maintaining healthy nails is a combination of vitamins, minerals and... Read More »

What makes hardwoods stronger than softwoods?

Vitamin c makes me eat more ?

Nope. Nothing to do with it. Vitamin C doesn't really participate biochemically in energy metabolism. The B vitamins do, but there's little point to taking a B-vitamin supplement, too - there is a... Read More »