What vine grows fruits and flowers?

Answer The passion fruit grows on a vine and has flowers. As well as Kiwi and Grapes.

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Why do plants grows fruits?

plants grow fruits so that they can produce young ones of their kind..

What country grows the most flowers?

The International Labor Organization reports that the world's top producer of flowers is Holland. Figures from the flower auctions held in Holland show that the Dutch flower market accounts for bet... Read More »

How to Grow Mandevilla Vine Flowers?

Mandevilla is an evergreen vine, grown for its decorative flowers and climbing habit. It can be found all over the southern U.S., twining around mailboxes, climbing light poles and draping arbors i... Read More »

How can you tell if a strawberry is ripe & what kinds of flowers are on the vine before it becomes ...?

Strawberries are ripe when they turn red. The flowers look like this:…