Mp3 says it has a "YouTube Ready Video Recorder" What does that mean?

Answer Sounds like your player has a camera and a built in option to upload a video into youtube more easliy (like with using WiFi, or connecting it to a camputer and using it like a webcam).

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What does 'we're sorry this video is no longer available' in youtube mean when you click on a video title ?

These might be possible:1. The owner deleted it2. Copyright laws - the music is coppyright, or something else3. It's not available in your countryHope this helps!x

Does DSLR mean that the camera shoots video?

Not at all.What it means is that the camera is a digital (d) SLR.The video feature only showed up in August, 2008 in the Nikon D90. Later Canon and other camera companies started adding a video fe... Read More »

Game show with video game prizes that you stick to yourself?

Video Power. Once a contestant would be declared the winner, they would get to run through the "Prize Round". The "Prize Round" was a maze with various video game boxes on the walls. The object of ... Read More »

What video game does the military use?

Call of duty, modern warfare and other games that include warfare similar to our kind of wars