What video format's does the HTC Hero phone play. Is it just 3gp or mp4 also?

Answer 3-5, 3-5, 4-4

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Does htc hero android phone play video in flv format?

Not natively. You can use Adobe Flash Player for Android (Android 2.2+) to view the video in your browser (which, admittedly, is a little complicated), or you can search the Android Market for medi... Read More »

Can a PS2 play MPEG video formats?

The Playstation 2 does not support MPEG video files. Most of the video files used in the Playstation system are FMV files. A user must convert the MPEG files to FMV files or another video file comp... Read More »

Video file formats My dvd cant play it HELP?

You have to transcode the files into something the DVD player can understand, and you need to down-convert the video to something close to 480 lines because DVD players can only output standard def... Read More »

Need to know video formats best for iphone app development. I have to export 200 short videos for the app. My client doesn't know what format is needed. The same as the ones iphones can play?