What video format can W910i can play?

Answer MP4 and 3GP and the max recomaded bitrate is 500kbps and 20 fps for best results !

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Can a pal format tv play hd video recorded on ntsc format DVD?

You will need a decoder, is the easiest answer; NTSC is mainly in the US / Canada, while PAL is in Europe and many other countries. Both are analog systems.

My new HD camcorder video files are in avi format and wont play on my computer you can hear sound but no video?

Hi Ayladid you know that you can upload straight from the camera via a usb cableto youtube ? you could then do whatever you want to them select the videos you want to uplaod thenhook up your camcor... Read More »

What video format can my tv play?

Well lets see -You did not tell us the make/model of your TV so we have zero chance of looking up information to help you.And you have a manual for your TV some where. I suggest you read it and it ... Read More »

How to Play AVI Video Format?

Audio Visual Interleaved (AVI) format is a common file format used for animation and movies. AVI files are binary, or computer-readable, and somewhat compressed. AVI files require a video player as... Read More »