What video codes will Blu-ray Support?

Answer Hello,dear, what do you maen by the video codes , do you mean by the video format or the blu-ray movie regioncode. if u mean the latter, u just need to keep one thing in mind that blu-ray movie wit... Read More »

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If I convert an mp4 video to something WMM will support, will it change my video's quality?

I have to tell you,whatever converter you use,there must be a little quality lost more or less when converting.but ,the point is good converter can lose litte and bad one lose choose a good... Read More »

What video formats does sony vegas support because i have a video in AVI format and it doesnt work?

AVI isn't a video format, it's a container file format. The video format will depend on the codec that was used to encode it. It sounds as if you don't have the right codec installed on your PC, ... Read More »

Tell me FEATURE of zync z990 tablet will it support hindi language does it support tv just like zen ultrata?

it has operating system of android version 4.0.IT comes with 7.0 inch fully touch screen with HD video quality.IT has 1gb ram and internal memory 4gb and it is expand to 32gb.It has also front came... Read More »

What format of video do MP3 players support?

The types of video formats your MP3 player can support depend on the brand and style of your MP3 player. Check your user manual to see what formats your player supports. The popular iPod Classic su... Read More »