What video card should I get?

Answer For gaming you are going to want a tad more RAM. Id say 2g is safe but 4g is really nice. Realistically though it seems to be not that much of a change from 2-4 gigs of RAM. As far as anything I h... Read More »

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What should I get for a Video Card?

7850 is by far the most powerful out of those.the 7870 oc'ed edition is a good amount better for not much more money though so i fyou can afford it go for it

What video card should I buy?

ATI Radeon HD 5850 Geforce GTX 470 Ati Radeon HD 5850 is cheaper and more power efficient than Geforce GTX 470 but some test proved that it is also slower.You can get it for around 270 Dollars ( ... Read More »

What Video Card Should I Buy for My Computer?

On One Hand: Price RangeAs technology constantly advances, video cards are generally released in sets twice a year. Nvidia and ATI (the two primary video card manufacturers) produce "series" of car... Read More »

What kind of video card should i buy?

It all depends on your motherboard, AGP or pcie, you need to answer this question before anybody can give you a good answer:)) and then of course it depends on your budget