What video camera does shay carl use in his vlogs?

Answer shaytards use Flip cameras

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How do you upload video from a sony carl-zeiss vario sonnar camera?

Which Sony Camcorder? Which computer?"Carl-Zeiss Vario Sonnar" is not a Sony model - these are the words on the lens. The model number is on the sticker on the bottom of the camera.ALL Digital 8 an... Read More »

Shall I buy a video camera or photo camera for taking high quality video?

This link should help you decide…

Whats the difference between a consumer video camera and a professional video camera?

One is made by the home electronics division in China, designed by the Home Electronics division in Japan.The professional camera is designed and made IN JAPAN by the Professional Electronics divis... Read More »

Need help to chose a video camera to make a video for a contest for best video?

I'd say not. What kind of contest? Do they expect the video to be edited? Do they expect you to know what you're doing with a video camera? Have you ever used a video camera? Have you ever edi... Read More »