What video camera does shay carl use in his vlogs?

Answer shaytards use Flip cameras

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How do you upload video from a sony carl-zeiss vario sonnar camera?

Which Sony Camcorder? Which computer?"Carl-Zeiss Vario Sonnar" is not a Sony model - these are the words on the lens. The model number is on the sticker on the bottom of the camera.ALL Digital 8 an... Read More »

Does the vivitar digital VIDEO camera from 2009 Newport pleasure goods catalog use a memory stick or card or DVD and what is the video cam's model number?

I just got mine in the mail from Newport today. It takes an SD card. It's a really nice camera.

When you delete something from a camera/video camera where does it go?

it doesn't go anywhere until it's overwritten by new data. you can use data-recovery software to recover deleted files.

What does 'DV' stand for in a video camera?

Digital Videoin other casesDV Digital VideoDV Domestic ViolenceDV Daily Values (Nutrition Facts in US)DV Daily VariationDV Dark Vengeance (computer game)DV Darling Violetta (band)DV Darth VaderDV D... Read More »