What version of Windows Is Linux based upon?

Answer Windows 2nd Story I think. I am pretty Sure and they don't use CDs for that version just floppy disks- you know the big ones that really are floppy.

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What locomotives are Thomas and Percy based upon?

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What are the issues taking a country to war based upon a lie?

Many black families were forced to move to poor rural areas that were called Homeland. African government says it created homelands to stay separate with white and there were few jobs or resources ... Read More »

How to Find a Linux Version From a Kernel Version Number?

The Linux operating system is little more than a kernel with a number of programs built around it. Linus Torvalds built the first true Linux kernel in 1991 when he was a student in Helsinki, Finlan... Read More »

What is the prevailing theory of international relations upon which US foreign policy is based?

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