What vegtables do you like to eat?

Answer Potatoes, Spinach, Beans and sweet onions

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What are fruits and vegtables?

Fruits are the edible parts of a plant that are produced from the flowers. Vegetables are the edible parts of the plant that come from the leaves, stems or roots. However, many of our vegetables ar... Read More »

Vegtables With White Flowers?

Some of the world's flowering plants, which appeared during the Cretaceous period about 130 million years ago, produce the wide array of tasty, nutritious vegetables people across the globe eat eve... Read More »

How to Flavour Inject Various Fruits and Vegtables?

This process is a bit like Booze Modding, except it's faster, but you do create a lot smaller amount of the accomplished beverage. Please view things you need before proceeding.

How do you grow a plant from the seeds of vegtables and fruits you get at the store?

About the only seeds from a supermarket you can grow in the garden and have them be exactly like the parents are the beans (pinto, Kidney, etc). Peppers may be o.k. but not exactly like their paren... Read More »