What vegetarian thing should I bring to my boyfriend's family BBQ?

Answer Veggie pasta salad is goodGrilled portabellos, topped with pesto and mozzerella cheeseZucchini and squash, cut in to wedges, w/ olive oil, salt and pepper...grilled to tender crispGrilled asparagus... Read More »

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Healthy vegetarian lunches I can bring to college?

Lots of variations with wraps, ie* Chickpea Salad (a can of chickpeas, a little Light Ranch for the consistency you like, a little Dijon and some sweet relish, salt & pepper and mix together) add s... Read More »

What's a good thing to bring to a BBQ?

What is your favorite thing about Hug a Vegetarian Day?

My husband is very aware of today's big events! So his "hug" will definitely lead into more so that he can brag about doing a vegetarian on hug a vegetarian day! I know TMI, but he has declared th... Read More »

Is there such a thing as vegetarian chocolate?

yes, just look around the supermarkets. Elizabeth Shaw and Bendicks do them as do many companies.Thorntons do, so do Sainsbury, Tesco etc,Igonore the other answers that say "all chocolate is veggie... Read More »