What vegetables should you plant in autumn?

Answer Autumn plantings are best for vegetables that can tolerate a temperature range of 55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit and slight frost. Make sure you research tolerance of weather and vegetable types with ... Read More »

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How many seeds from a packet for vegetables and herbs should I plant in the individual plant starter pots?

Always plant 2-3 seeds per cell. Sometimes one of the seeds will not germinate, this way you still have at least one coming up. After they have grown a couple of weeks, pick the best one and snipe ... Read More »

What vegetables should you plant in August and September?

Plant vegetables in August and September according to climate and seed recommendations. Right conditions maximize growth and protect from first frost. Vegetables planted in late summer through earl... Read More »

Vegetables to Grow in Autumn?

When most people think of vegetable gardens, they think of summertime. But plenty of healthy vegetables come out of autumn gardens. The climate of the region where you live will help determine exac... Read More »

How early should you plant vegetables?

On One Hand: After the Last Killing FrostMost vegetables will die if you plant them outside before the last killing frost of the year. Consult the Farmer's Almanac or your county extension service ... Read More »