What vegetables should be planted together?

Answer Planting two or more vegetables together to help benefit their growth is called companion planting. This method of planting can be used to prevent pest problems and maximize the health of vegetable... Read More »

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How many plants of Endless Summer hydrangea should be planted together?

There is no minimum or maximum number of Endless Summer hydrangeas that can be planted together, as long as there is space for light and air between the mature plants. The Endless Summer hydrangeas... Read More »

What Fruits & Vegetables Can Be Planted in the Fall?

Many vegetables and some fruits establish and grow best in the cooler fall months. August and September are good months to start thinking about and growing a second season of fruits and vegetables ... Read More »

Can these herbs be planted together in one pot?

The bigger the pot the longer they will stay comfortable but they tolerate each other until all the roots start fighting for space.

Can you eat vegetables planted near to sodium chlorate treated gound?

If the vegetables grow normally then the Sodium Chlorate has had no effect on them, so they are safe to eat.