What vegetables have seeds in them?

Answer Nearly all vegetable plants produce seeds. If your speaking of the parts of the plants that we eat as "vegetables," then none; only fruits have seeds. Of course cucumbers, peppers and many others a... Read More »

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Do vegetables have seeds?

"Nearly all plants produce seeds. Those that don't, reproduce via spores. Most vegetables actually do produce seeds, it's just not the seeds or fruit that are eaten. Fruit = reproductive organ con... Read More »

How to Collect Seeds From Vegetables?

Gardeners collect seeds from vegetables to ensure the seed quality and also to decrease gardening costs. Collecting seeds from homegrown vegetables will make certain that the same seeds are availab... Read More »

How do I start vegetables from seeds?

Choose a sunny site with good drainage. Dig the soil to loosen it, breaking up large clumps and removing rocks. Start seeds indoors in the early spring or plant directly into the garden after the s... Read More »

How do I grow vegetables from seeds?

PreparationPlace four to 10 vegetable seeds in the center of paper towel. Fold the paper towel in half and dampen the seeds with water. Keep them damp for 72 hours to start the germination process.... Read More »