What vegetables grow under soil?

Answer carrots or potatoes

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What Vegetables Grow in Acidic Soil?

Soil acidity refers to the pH level of the soil, with a pH of less than 7 for acidic soils or pH greater than 7 for alkaline soils. Most garden centers will test the acidity of a soil sample and re... Read More »

How to Grow Vegetables in Clay Soil?

Traditionally, clay soil has been a headache for vegetable gardeners, but it has its virtues when amended with rich organic material like compost. In proper balance, clay increases water retentiven... Read More »

Soil Mixture to Grow Vegetables?

Soil mixes are popular for container vegetable gardening. They are easily used indoors or in confined spaces. They provide nutrients, drainage and support to plants. Soil mixes can be made from bot... Read More »

How do I grow vegetables in alkaline soil?

AmendAmend your alkaline garden soil to a neutral or slightly acid state by adding sulfur and organic matter in order to grow a wide variety of vegetables. Mulch with pine needles, which are acidic... Read More »