What vegetables are commonly offered at Mongolian BBQ restaurants?

Answer Cabbage, corn, gourds, potatoes, squash, almost all vegetables.

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Can an employer force an employee to take their health insurance offered after they've seen the benefits offered and don't like it?

NO, you do not have to take any ins offer'd at your place of employment

What restaurant Is Better. Mongolian Barbeque or Beni Hana?

I recommend the BeniHana location in Dearborn. I would avoid downtown Royal Oak, Troy and Farmington Hills at all cost.

What is the difference between lunch and dinner at BD's Mongolian Grill?

Here is a really strange concept. I you would just pick up a phone and call them you would already had your answer.

Mongolian Deserts?

Located in southern Mongolia and northwestern China, the Gobi desert is the world's fifth-largest desert, spanning 1.3 million square kilometers. Due to the large size and inhospitable climate and ... Read More »