What vegetable does the BFG eat even though he doesn't like it?

Answer he eats a snuzcumber love ?

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What do you like to eat, that you can't resist even though it gives you bad breath?

Have you ever been asked for I.D. even though your old enough to buy what you like?

I get ID'ed pretty much everytime i go into my local Wetherspoon's, i'm 24 now, but the annoying thing is that i haven't had any ID for the past 4 years, now i'm getting fed up with being turned aw... Read More »

I'm 17 years old and live in an abusive house with my dad in California but want to live with my aunt even though my dad doesnt want me to what should I do?

Answer Talk to your dad about it.Try and make him understand why you want move out.If that doesn't work pray and contact your aunt and let her come over and talk to him..

How to Be Nice to a Friend Even Though You Don't Like Her?

If you have to be nice to your enemies, read this.